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had severe painless cervical erosion can do it,

2018-12-2 23:56:01
  disease description (main symptom onset): hello April period did not come today, I use pregnancy test paper to detect pregnancy, because I do Gynecological April 7, when not checked out the pregnancy, saying that severe cervical erosion (after April 7, had not the same room, eating chips and use Kanggongyan consumer Mi bolt),  
     but smear results; see a lot of superficial squamous cells, more red blood cells, a small amount in the bottom of squamous cell morphology did not change significantly. No cancer cells. I heard squamous cell cervical erosion is replaced by columnar cells, ah, this description is severe cervical erosion it? Check out the pregnancy, how did it? This is the Editor's Note? Have severe cervical erosion painless it can do, how can I do? Please help me  
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