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Can be cured by drugs if you can, eat what medicine

2018-12-2 23:48:01
  disease description (main symptom onset): rubbish-like discharge, vaginal gap between the mouth to the anus, and now both so  
     once treatment and effectiveness: Last month treated, mold consists of three plus to not, plus bacteria but also by the two to no, but there are three white plus sign, I thought all right, no further treatment  
     want kind of help: you can go to the hospital, medicine cured? Treatment to the hospital four days spent more than 1,000, I really can not stand. Want to take some medicine to solve the problem  
2018-12-2 23:49:01
     the disease is most common gynecological inflammation, treatment is not complicated, can be taken orally, (if of life) of the female vagina efficacy of the medication more convenient Ye Hao. Similar to the regular hospital treatment, can, under the guidance of a doctor, his medication or the medication, generally do not affect their daily work.