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how to diagnose the cause and treatment of fungal vaginitis

2018-12-2 23:44:01
  disease description (main symptom onset):  
     left abdominal pain, especially after each menstrual pain significantly in the past without dysmenorrhea, starting in January each year to have menstrual pain, and accompanied by low back pain, left lower abdominal pain in February after menstruation has not stopped, every day, pain, pain after intercourse with the more obvious by .  
     and effectiveness of treatment:  
     himself on April 5, 2008 to do abortion, end of April or review found to have tubal abscess, size: 3CM by 3CM, hanging anti-inflammatory re-examination after two weeks since the needle is no longer a pustule, but so far has been left abdominal pain, in June 2008 has been the enema treatment, but many are acute onset of menstruation after , each more than half of the needle hanging anti-inflammatory pain was gone, used clindamycin, and other anti-inflammatory for the consumer yl needle, the doctor has advised resistance, is still often accompanied by pain, have done a number of bacteria cultivated shows normal, in the local hospital had five, five hospitals has been the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease as I am, but no significant improvement but more severe, consult a recently retired gynecologist, told suspect I have pelvic adhesions, and pregnancy is low, can only choose surgery, drugs, I no longer valid. I have another two or three months during treatment is often not the same room, also pay attention to diet, but have found no effect.  
     want kind of help:  
     Guangxi people because I hope that Dr. Zhang can tell me the cause and inform to How to treat and treatment, for face consultation, because I need to arrange a time to work reasons, please inform the treatment time and about how much money grateful.  
     menstruation is regular: the  
     first menstruation Age: 14  
     number of days in each period: 7 days  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle: 35 days  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain : The normal menstrual flow calculation, about 5 days now gone, accompanied by lower abdominal pain  
     and condition of the last menstrual date: April 10  
     pregnancies: 2  
     number of abortions: 2  
     number of births: 0  
2018-12-2 23:49:01
     1. your sex life after apparently caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease should be present.  
     2. I hope you seriously look at a few I wrote a small essay and the classic answer, there will be a lot of harvest. Temporarily blind not to ask.  
     3. I own a number of innovative ways to cure chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, but also continued to cure more patients. You can refer patients to my message, to have access to relevant information.  
     4. to our hospital, is estimated to spend around $ 500-1000 (including the related examination), take a month or so. Free is best to check, may be able to be more precise answer.