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which symptoms of adenomyosis do?

2018-12-2 23:36:01
  disease description (main symptom onset):  
     dysmenorrhea, by volume, two days after the end of the period is mainly there to uterine blood Zhang Tong, unbearable pain and low back and effectiveness of treatment: anti-inflammatory bleeding and hanging bottles returned to normal, so a month for over a year and a half  
     How do want to help: want to get the exact treatment method. Feeling after the dysmenorrhea is not so anti-inflammatory pain, but they can not hang bottles per month Yeah, like my symptoms of adenomyosis it?  
     menstruation is regular: No  
     first menstruation Age: 14  
     Each time period the number of days: 7  
     average menstrual cycle days :26-28  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain situation:  
     last menstrual date and condition: April 22  
     marriage age: 24  
     number of abortions: 2  
     number of births: 1  
2018-12-2 23:42:01
     possibility of adenomyosis large; "two days after menstruation the uterus Zhang Tong have to blood," I do not know a total of days clean? If the bleeding disorder, to rule out other diseases. To come out to see them later