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chronic cervicitis CINI level should be How to treat?

2018-12-2 23:08:02
  disease description (main symptom onset):  
     and effects of treatment:  
     want kind of help:  
     How is it treated?  
     Some doctors recommend doing Lipu knife surgery; Some doctors recommend surgery to do cautery; also suggested a radio-frequency ablation. Please let us know!  
     Digital electronic colposcopy examination report  
     proliferation of cervical lip, white vinegar test was positive, iodine test was positive.  
     CINI is a biopsy of the pathological findings, called precancerous lesions.  
     menstruation is regular:  
     age of first menstruation:  
     the number of days each period:  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle:  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain:  
     last menstrual date and conditions:  
     age of marriage:  
     pregnancies :  
     number of abortions:  
     number of births:  
2018-12-2 23:14:01
     check high-risk HPV types need to do physical therapy.  
2018-12-2 23:21:01
     physical therapy is? Please make some comments please?  
2018-12-2 23:28:01
     radiofrequency ablation and other