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inflammation can be cured

2018-12-2 22:44:01
  2003, found that when eating a little medicine, did not play any role, I did not care, until Last year, the medical examination is pelvic inflammatory disease, recurrent lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge paste, and go when you feel like vaginal discharge is the same as blowing bubbles, taste smell, sometimes soaked in the feeling of the urethra at a primary concern, ask the doctor how to cure this kinds of disease? this disease can be cured?  
     menstruation is regular:  
     age of first menstruation:  
     number of days in each period:  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle:  
     menstrual volume, color, abdominal pain:  
     last menstrual date and conditions:  
     age of marriage:  
     number of abortions:  
     number of births:  
2018-12-2 22:49:01
     me from the beginning of menstruation is 5-7 days in advance of each month, in the first period is 16 years old, every 4-5 days, menstrual volume number, and sometimes red, sometimes black and red was, menstruation without pain, most recently in 25, and today is just finished four or five days, as before, I was married at age 30 , and pregnant pregnant three times, but had two, dealing with a third is just have to deal with that,  
2018-12-2 22:56:01
     Data not a  
2018-12-2 23:00:01
     can be cured. But the first look at the essay and I wrote the classic answer. Another question as well.