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chronic pelvic inflammatory disease leading to right lower abdominal pain how to

2018-12-2 22:40:01
  disease description (main symptom onset): November 2008 started the right lower quadrant pain, to hospital is chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis, playing a course of anti-inflammatory needles, no good, and eat several courses of anti-inflammatory drugs, is doxycycline, Sanjie pain like drugs, but now the symptoms are not alleviated , tired of some symptoms worse. Yao did not dare to now, the great damage of the stomach, would like to ask Dr. Chang what other treatments what.  
     and effectiveness of treatment:  
     want kind of help:  
     menstruation is the law: the law of  
     first menstruation Age: 12  
     number of days in each period :5-6 days  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle: 40  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain conditions: blood clots in the often accompanied by mild abdominal pain  
     and condition of the last menstrual date: April 20  
     age of marriage: unmarried  
     pregnancies: 0  
     number of abortions: 0  
     number of births: 0  
2018-12-2 22:42:01
     1. chronic pelvic inflammatory disease with injections and medication methods are difficult to cure, why? See the essay I wrote, "my new view: why it is difficult to cure chronic pelvic inflammatory disease?"  
     2. I did create a style methods, not yet open, better, You can view the patient's message, in order to understand the effect.  
     3. you are in Guangzhou, but also not too far away, free to consult a doctor, this road has. I now 17:30 visits, specific information, please see my "out instructions." I want off the assembly line.