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leep cervical lesions after surgery whether this cure?

7 Day Before
  disease description (main symptom onset): October 2008 found that vaginal discharge mixed with blood  
     and effectiveness of treatment: 22 December 2008 had leep surgery  
     want kind of help:  
     menstruation is regular:  
     age of first menstruation:  
     each menstrual Days:  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle:  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain:  
     last menstrual date and conditions:  
     age of marriage:  
     number of abortions:  
     number of births:  
7 Day Before
     If pathological examination of surgical margin negative, can be regularly observed, identify problems and timely treatment  
     pathological examination if positive margins, line enlargement surgery