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vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause severe pain do

7 Day Before
  disease description (main symptom onset):  
     and effects of treatment:  
     want kind of help:  
     menstruation is regular: irregular  
     first menstruation Age: 15  
     number of days in each period: 7  
     Average number of days in menstrual cycle: not  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain: general. Blood red. You can also  
     and condition of the last menstrual date: November 30, the end of December 6, 13, ate emergency contraception, menstrual 18 again, the amount of a lot.  
     age of marriage: unmarried  
     pregnancies: no  
     number of abortions: no  
     number of births: no  
7 Day Before
     cause severe vaginitis vulva swelling and pain; acute pelvic inflammatory disease can cause severe abdominal pain, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can cause abdominal pain. Did not describe your situation, the need to add history. Best to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis, because the inflammation can cause pain, but pain is not necessarily caused by inflammation.