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intrauterine thickness, irregular menstruation, and each time more than 20 days,

7 Day Before
  hello, advice, within the thickness of the uterus, irregular menstruation, and each time more than 20 days, vaginal bleeding profusely, not always clean, and ask how to do?  
     age of 29, Caesarean section a year and a half more, the symptoms have been so, the paragraph following the following the most recent to do vaginal ultrasound is done December 2,  
     I check the results to your look, you help me analyze analysis  
     uterine position: anterior morphologically normal, Palace size 46 * 45 * 39mm, lining: non-uniform thickness of 13.4mm echo, echo the muscle wall due to uniform,  
     muscle wall bleeding: not rich, the right side of the uterus shows a mass 35 * 27 * 25mm, dark area within the fluid, blood is not rich, left attachment area: left ovary  
     visible rectal fossa: a small amount of liquid dark area visibility, deep 8mm, lining so thick, always bloodshed, and for a long time, how should I do? I do  
     is the vaginal ultrasound, the doctor gave me the medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets, 10mg daily oral, once every 21 days withdrawal,  
     3-7 days after stopping menstruation, menstrual fifth day and then, continue to eat, but also once for 21 days, withdrawal was clean and review B-menstrual, eating a few days, also  
     little better, but rather to the two periods this month, often to menstruation, waist pain,  
     on your own experience is concerned, give me some better advice you  
     menstruation is regular: You can also  
     age of first menstruation : 14  
     number of days in each period: 20 days  
     average number of days in the menstrual cycle:  
     menstrual flow, color, abdominal pain: more than the amount of the first four days, after much, but there have been, back pain, lower left abdominal pain  
     last Date and menstrual status:  
     marriage age: 27  
     number of pregnancies: 1  
     number of abortions: 0  
     number of births: 1  
7 Day Before
     based on your B-report, the right accessories with a cystic tumor, and endometrial thick, may be the formation of physiological ovulation poor small cysts, suggested the irregular menstrual bleeding again after 3 days after the review of the vagina clean and B- If the cyst persists, consider the physical nature of the cyst is not, you can consult clinicians need surgery.  
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     the possibility of a clean three days after menstruation and directly hysteroscopy, transvaginal ultrasound is not done, if there are problems, hysteroscopy under surgical treatment, such work? and I recently left lower quadrant pain often, why? Thank  
7 Day Before
     can, hysteroscopy The following curettage for pathology, can draw the final diagnosis.  
     left lower abdominal pain may be mild inflammation of the left lower abdomen but also the sigmoid colon, intestinal inflammation if you exclude your doctor about clinical.