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on how the treatment of mild cervical erosion

2018-10-12 01:00:01
     history:    no  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    25  
        The onset and duration:    1 month  
     I do a lot of checks to the hospital, are mild cervical erosion, is part of mycoplasma infection. Protein coagulation surgery is necessary to do it?  
2018-10-12 01:07:01
     symptomatic mild erosion of generic drugs for external use can be. And mycoplasma infections, need to look for sensitive individuals sensitive to the treatment of experimental drugs, targeted drugs or a combination of physical science and technology, specifications, enough, enough courses of treatment would be. Our hospital is complete in accordance with World Health Organization standards for human infertility treatment to establish a modern hospital, we recommend that you come to my hospital to do a comprehensive system of inspection, a clear severity, specific treatment, do not delay the treatment time.  
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