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pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic cervicitis, urinary tract infection please

2018-10-12 00:56:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patients Age:    23  
     I got the above problem, I ask how caused, how to do? ? Thank you  
2018-10-12 01:00:01
     causes many inflammatory diseases, but many health-related, or other inflammation leads to cross-infection, be sure to be treated.  
2018-10-12 01:07:01
     clean when not completely sure, do not use the tub baths; kept clean of life, personal hygiene to remind the other half, it's very important, because most women do not pay attention cause the other half, you can use with women Jun Sha gel, topical, and the effect is very good, I had about the situation and your gel is cured with a woman monarch of Shakespeare , bought in Amoy ** treasure, look online.