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surgical treatment of cervical erosion affect the good profile back pregnancy do

2018-10-12 00:52:02
  a doctor are you, I am 25 years old borer damage is not marriage and childbearing, the last period lasted ten a few days, I went to the hospital to check and test, the doctor said I have mild cervical erosion and pelvic fluid, and she gave me a protein coagulation surgery and microwave therapy and shortwave therapy, I will see surgery and physical therapy impact on future fertility have written, I would like to have children later, I'm afraid not so much back to back to affect fertility treatment, doctors can quickly answer trouble me? I am really worried, Dr. Xie Xie  
2018-10-12 00:56:01
     pelvic infections need to clear the infection before the pathogens can be targeted medication, there is no clear pathogens before blindly using physical methods is not necessarily science. More general physical techniques for pregnancy has little effect. Our hospital is complete in accordance with World Health Organization standards for human infertility treatment to establish a modern hospital, we recommend that you come to my hospital to do a comprehensive system of inspection, clear and specific disease, targeted therapies, do not delay the treatment time.  
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