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I have what disease? experts to help me look.

2018-10-12 00:44:01
  I did a B-mode ultrasound, the uterus display on the report were normal, clean cut, length 6.6cm, width 4.0cm, thickness 2-8cm, the palace wall echo no uniform fluid areas, these can be seen that my womb has a problem? And the right accessories no exception, left the size of the attachment area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 4.3 * 2.8cm visible thin-walled echo, posterior echo enhancement, may I ask what this disease is it? Left attachment size of about 4.3 * 2.8cm thin-walled echo, posterior echo enhance the look of the symptoms are physiological or pathological ah? Doctors do not prescribe medication, but said three months after the review, I would like to know I can do this without medication? From my point of view there is no need to take medicine ah? I do not understand these aspects, trouble medical experts to help me answer it. Urgent, thank you.  
2018-10-12 00:49:01
     major review is to see the physiological or pathological, and now will not be confirmed without medication.