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2018-10-12 00:36:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    35  
        The onset and duration:    30 days  
     my vaginal discharge is green. And there is the smell. Like rubbish. What sort of disease. What are the causes. Thank you.  
2018-10-12 00:42:01
     common clinical pathological white with:  
     1. colorless transparent viscous vaginal discharge : egg white was like, traits and ovulation cervical mucus glands are similar, but significantly increased the amount, generally should be considered chronic cervical endometritis, ovarian dysfunction, vaginal adenosis or cervical adenocarcinoma and other diseases possible.  
     2. white or greyish yellow foamy vaginal discharge: Trichomonas vaginitis as the characteristics may be associated with vulvar itching.  
     3. curd-like vaginal discharge: Candida vaginitis features, often accompanied by severe genital itching or burning.  
     4. gray homogeneous vaginal discharge fishy smell: common in bacterial vaginosis.  
     5. pus-like vaginal discharge: the color yellow or yellow-green, thick, more than a smell, such as trichomoniasis or bacterial-induced acute gonococcal vaginitis, cervicitis, can cause cervical inflammation. Empyema cavity, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer or vaginal foreign body residues can lead to pus-like vaginal discharge.  
     6. bloody vaginal discharge: vaginal discharge mixed with blood, you should consider cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical polyps or submucosal fibroids. Placed IUD can also cause bloody vaginal discharge.  
     7. tube cancer.  
     consider your symptoms, may be fungal vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, vaginal infection by the Candida albicans caused by inflammation. Candida albicans infection with exogenous and endogenous two. Exogenous infection is fungal in vitro by bathing, medical equipment and other indirect transmission, it may be transmitted through direct sexual life. Endogenous infection, probably because it housed usually Candida albicans in the vagina, met the right environment, rapid breeding disease, pregnancy, diabetes or long-term use of antibiotics in women more common, this time due to pregnancy and diabetes, vaginal epithelial cells rich sugar yuan, long-term use of antibiotics to vaginal bacteria was inhibited, loss of the antagonism of the mold, so that the mold is relatively increased, Stanford malaria walls.