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2018-10-12 00:32:01
  done since last April, after the menstrual flow amount of the small, every month delayed 3-5 days, plans to the baby six months, and not to do so, may I ask how should I do? Thank you.  
2018-10-12 00:35:01
     delay period can still be a few days, the menstrual flow is too small need to find out the reasons, such as intimal injury, endocrine disorders, the treatment according to test results  
2018-10-12 00:42:01
     Hello! Because any one abortion are certain damage to the body, may lead to secondary infertility or habitual abortion, I suggest you on the professional large hospitals (if not available to my house) examination: four-dimensional ultrasound and vaginal hormone-emitting electrochemical method six, diagnosed illness after differentiation to effectively, is the first hospital I am committed to hospital patients, treatment can sign a contract, not pregnant with the baby on the back the full amount. We acted so committed to its technology can be imagined,  
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     Beijing Antai Hospital early treatment I wish a speedy recovery! Good pregnancy!