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vaginal bleeding during sexual intercourse is the reason?

2018-10-12 00:24:01
  several years ago, I found 2 degrees of cervical erosion, at 1 year ago on the local formal hospital for treatment of electric iron, a successful, under the guidance of a doctor, three months after rehabilitation. But every time sexual intercourse with her husband, always appear as the climax, vaginal bleeding, her husband's penis with his time rubbing my cervix, I am most happy when at the same time, concerns also have, because I know for sure and bleeding. If I let her husband touch the cervix, not bleeding, this situation has continued. The hospital, the doctor always said that the treatment was very successful, very good scab, no problem. This situation is affecting our love life. Experts to help me solve problems! Thank you!  
2018-10-12 00:28:02
     Hello! This may be the treatment you over actions, not simply because of cervical erosion cervical lesions localized,  
     it is an imbalance of estrogen level is too high or the performance of, if not conditioning endocrine, relapse is very fast,  
     if no recurrence after local therapy alone, it is certainly the formation of the transitional treatment of cervical scar,  
     will affect fertility, such harm is far greater than no treatment.  
     mainly because it leads to increased vaginal discharge, sex, slippery and difficult to achieve orgasm, and easily lead to contact bleeding; followed vulva should always be cushioned pad, care is difficult, easy to concurrent infections, smelly.  
     the best treatment is: with "Security is too fluid" in custody up to the cervical colposcopy, and 1 look like a moderate, severe cervical 2-4 times can become smooth.  
     drug treatment is very important systemic endocrine adjustments, this is a highly specialized treatment, need to check the dynamic power chemiluminescence endocrine, or less effective.  
     if any problems or need help please contact us,  
     Beijing Antai Hospital, I wish a speedy treatment, a speedy recovery!