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room thing does matter !

2018-9-15 00:56:01
  does things a woman during menstruation house any harm? What a woman the disease? What is the impact on fertility? Men will not be transmission of the virus? Help out answer, thank you.  
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2018-9-15 01:00:01
     Hello! Intercourse during menstruation can not be easy to increase the bleeding caused by intrauterine infection and infertility, sexually transmitted diseases are also prone then  
2018-9-15 01:07:01
     Hello: women in the menstrual period blood loss reduced blood circulation, the system, lack of blood supply, nutritional deficiencies, decreased immunity, susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms and the menstrual period, almost all endometrial functional layer stripping is highly vulnerable to infection. During this same room, dirty penis man or woman's vulva dirty, will into pathogens may lead to acute and chronic genital, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, and ectopic uterine membranes and other symptoms, the man likely to cause urinary tract infection.