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gynecological pelvic fluid does not want to use physical therapy if so, what kin

2018-9-15 00:52:01
  pelvic fluid does not want to use physical therapy if so, what kind of drug is best to eat? what brand  
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2018-9-15 00:56:01
     Hello: pelvic fluid with physiological and pathological distinction. General physiological pelvic fluid does not exceed 10mm, clean after menstruation can disappear. Pathological pelvic fluid is caused by chronic inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease. Pelvic fluid can cause abdominal pain, abdominal bulge and other symptoms, you need to restore the first period, until the period after the review of a clean, clear fluid nature, prescribed for targeted therapy.  
2018-9-15 01:00:01
     Hello, pelvic multi-fluid description with pelvic inflammatory disease. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is generally based mainly on history, symptoms, and B-ultrasound to clear, you can also do laparoscopy, defined as pelvic inflammatory disease can be applied after the traditional Chinese medicine, can also use multi-function FM and enema treatment, can significantly improve FM and promote blood circulation, improve the nutritional status of the organization, increase metabolism, in order to facilitate the absorption and inflammation subside, enema enema therapy has the advantage of traditional Chinese medicine to maintain a high concentration of the drug, to treat pelvic inflammatory disease and minimally invasive laparoscopic, minimally invasive laparoscopic Surgical treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease by endoscopic image observation system, look into the pelvic organs diseases, such as organ swelling, exudation adhesions and disease severity. A lump can be directly treated surgically. Pelvic inflammatory disease more commonly comes from acute inflammation, acute inflammation of the treatment is delayed, or despite treatment without a thorough, easy to relapse.