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uterine disease

2018-9-15 00:48:02
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    29  
     want to know what diseases  
2018-9-15 00:49:01
     condition analysis:  
     you to cells out of the above change is the doctor to see the situation Pathology  
     doctor to see the clinical diagnosis of  
     should be given the name of a specific disease to help you analyze  
     not rule out the possibility of malignant mole  
     check blood tumor markers suggest the diagnosis  
2018-9-15 00:56:01
     vaginal bleeding is a common gynecological diseases, symptoms, description of gynecological inflammation or other problems , where the contact bleeding, cervical erosion more common in severe cervical polyps, cervical cancer, so it should pay attention to, as soon as possible to professional gynecology hospital for detailed examination and timely symptomatic treatment, to avoid delay treatment.  
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