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naive uterus to treat it?

2018-9-15 00:44:01
  hospital ultrasound, the results a diagnosis of "infantile uterus (15 × 11 × 15mm) intrauterine echo uniform , thin endometrium, double measurements were normal attachments. " I have the normal ovary, vagina, breast development is normal. Amenorrhea.  
     see the "love doctor" answered the other patients on the uterus naive to say "women also Dan" The ability to stimulate uterine growth again, I do not know whether there is clinical success stories? Have passed puberty (28 years) still valid?  
     Gender: Female Age: 28 History: No  
     question added:  
2018-9-15 00:49:01
     Hello: You describe the size of the uterus is not recommended hold too much hope, general drug treatment are difficult to achieve a normal birth and the effects of menstruation.  
2018-9-15 00:56:01
     Hello: Your situation is uterine abnormalities, drug treatment is generally not very good results.