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simple endometrial hyperplasia can cure it?

2018-9-15 00:40:01
  history of four years, done three times curettage. Each time after curettage, eat Marvelon menstruation, irregular menstruation after stopping.  
     Gender: Female Age: 40 History: No  
     question added:  
2018-9-15 00:42:01
     Hello! There are other not it? Long-term proliferation of endometrial bleeding, then surgery should be considered. ,  
2018-9-15 00:49:01
     Hello: You need to be endocrine curettage after the inspection, examination results with endocrine adjustments as well.  
2018-9-15 00:56:01
     Hello: This is considered and endocrine abnormalities. Recommended to do this examination, the doctor's advice targeted conditioning treatment. When necessary, surgery, etc. can be considered.