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adenomyosis combined adenomyoma may

2018-9-15 00:36:01
  anterior uterus: Size: 102x90x94mm clear outline of the uterus, the shape, muscle echo uneven in thickness: 3/2mm, center. palace wall are low echo: 30x29x30mm boundary no significant mass clearing double attachment image  
     would like to ask what is good or not surgery is good surgery  
     Gender: Female Age: 43 History: No  
     question added:  
2018-9-15 00:42:01
     Hello: You described the uterus increased significantly, if not, then the requirements of fertility, and other serious symptoms of dysmenorrhea, surgical treatment can be.  
2018-9-15 00:49:01
     Hello: adenomyosis treatment needs according to the patient's age, whether fertility requirements, clinical symptoms and the patient's general condition, etc. to decision was taken to surgery or conservative treatment.