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pregnant fluconazole children eat can be you?

2018-8-11 03:00:01
  doctor, hello, I am on July 26 and July 29, between the pregnancy, but I'm due August 3, vaginitis taking fluconazole, a week later found pregnant, what to eat this should affect the fetus it? flow is necessary to do it? eager to reply, thank you!  
     Gender: Female Age: 28 History: fungal vaginitis  
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2018-8-11 03:07:01
     influential, it is best to look at Women's Hospital diagnosed!  
     of fluorinated triazole antifungal, antibacterial spectrum is similar with ketoconazole, a strong antibacterial activity than ketoconazole. The mechanism is necessary to inhibit fungal cell membrane component ergosterol synthesis enzymes, blocked the synthesis of ergosterol, the fungal cell wall damage to the integrity of  
2018-8-11 03:14:01
     you good  
     According to what you said may have some impact, I suggest you seriously consider.