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2018-8-11 02:52:01
  Hello! I did two years ago, a crowd, occasionally, two years after birth, but has not been pregnant, go to the hospital two days before the examination, there is mold Yin Yan, mild cervical erosion, 8mm pelvic fluid, mycoplasma-positive, then the hospital used fluconazole and ornidazole vaginal inflammation mold treatment I,, go super wave treatment of mycoplasma-positive, I would like to ask these treatments for my disease of useful? Is there a better treatment? There is a mycoplasma that I have a lot of results on drug resistance, but I rarely take medicine injections, why is it so? ? Please reply as soon as possible, urgent! ! Thank you! ! !  
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2018-8-11 02:56:01
     Hello, consider symptomatic treatment is recommended with the physical treatment of cervical erosion, such as laser, prohibit sex life during treatment, the man with the best treatment, fluconazole tablets can be taken orally, during treatment All hygiene items to be disinfected to prevent recurrence.