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stubborn acne

2018-8-11 02:40:01
  do not know why one will appear in the summer of acne on my face still a little itch you can not help but grab was really black spots on leaves prevention information and then want trouble here  
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2018-8-11 02:42:01
     recommended to try drugs: small habitat 300 g 240 g steamed yellow fine powder Dan (to core) 180 grams Angelica 90 g Shan Chu lines 150 g cream 90 g Yimu Eclipta Ligustrum lucidum 60 grams 60 grams 60 grams Anemarrhena Fritillaria 90 g cinnamon 30 g thistle root 90 g dried crushed 3-6 grams three times a day for each day of a course of .10.