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doctors Hello! my period is April 14 ..

2018-8-11 02:36:01
  doctors Hello! my period is April 14 to 21 of about .4 finished , the fifth day of menstruation to ovulation I took the medicine. to no menstrual cramps May 14 .5 22 pregnancy test box with their own experiences are not pregnant. to June 22 period did not come to see the hospital. B super- see the gestational sac is big novel more than four weeks of pregnancy, I always wanted to do not understand, I was on June 4 and 5, there is June 9 and her husband the same room. What is this doctor a few days to conceive? If pregnancy these days is four weeks, how much? please help me?  
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2018-8-11 02:42:01
     medical examination of the last menstrual gestational age was calculated according to the  
     intercourse is not based on the time you count the  
     expected date of 280 days is based on the date of the last menstrual