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vaginitis clomiphene eat it? able to baby it?

2018-8-11 02:24:01
  I dysmenorrhea 5 years, the period from last year was a little bit just arrived in the middle of three days to normal over the black Another little bit of last eighty-nine days, last year a lot of smelly vaginal discharge and a little yellow, there is no vaginal discharge, underwear discharge, a little yellow color now intercourse vaginal pain, burning sensation, sexual intercourse Dry less liquid, and sometimes a little lower abdomen pain, I looked like a baby to the hospital, the doctor said: posterior uterus, ovulation clomiphene immature eat. clomiphene does eat it? clomiphene citrate on the baby to eat what effect? ​​I want baby, I see six months of no results, I am very anxious ///////
     Gender: Female Age: 23 History: No  
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2018-8-11 02:28:01
     medication during pregnancy is best not to I suggest you completely heal before considering pregnancy.