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postpartum period?

2018-7-12 07:00:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
     ask the doctor to answer my question  
2018-7-12 07:07:01
     Hello, friends, and post when menstruation varies.  
     some more some people come back late, so you do not to worry, this is normal.  
2018-7-12 07:14:02
     hello! postpartum period is not necessarily how long to Most breastfeeding women do not come menstruation is normal, breast-feeding period to a period is normal. Some people turning early, some late, everyone is not the same as if the artificial feeding of women, turning the time is usually earlier.  
     after delivery, estrogen and progesterone drop sharply, returned to normal after 1 week; ovarian function recovery time varies, not breast-feeding mothers on average 6-8 weeks postpartum complex wave period, about 10 weeks post-partum ovulation. breastfeeding mothers on average 4-6 months post-partum recovery period wave, which can restore ovulation, some women have no menstrual cramps during lactation, but the postpartum sex life, it is recommended to take effective contraception measures, so as not to result in unwanted pregnancies.  
2018-7-12 07:21:01
     this is not specific to the express provisions of  
     general postpartum mother will be in six months or so, menstrual cramps, menstruation is normal to worry about as long as