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hymen repair can immediately learn to drive it?

2018-7-12 06:48:01
     patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    23  
     hymen repair can immediately learn to drive it? The next day it began to affect learning?  
2018-7-12 06:49:01
     Hello, it is best not to learn to drive, because the severe effects of the Games led to surgery to restore  
     the best way is to go after half school, after rest, I wish you health  
2018-7-12 06:56:01
     hymen restoration surgery, do not ride within two weeks, let alone go to school to work, patients should stay in bed to the hymen completely healed good so far. Healing time is about 30 days. After healing, usually walking legs close together as possible. ViaViente hymen repair and regeneration products are not only truly non-surgical hymen regeneration surgery products, you can choose this way to repair the hymen, Victoria love their products can be used at home, because the body no wound, so repair the hymen as usual during all movements , running, cycling has no effect on the real work.  
2018-7-12 07:00:01
     Hello, hymen repair after strenuous exercise is not the  
     can learn to drive, but the ban cycling as well, is to first sexual intercourse bleeding  
2018-7-12 07:07:01
     can, But your feet do not Da. or will split.  
     hymen cover the vagina in women outside the mouth of the center hole of the thin film layer, and its position in the vestibule of the vagina and the vagina the boundary between the films were tested both sides of the pink,  
     surface wet. young people and thick hymen smaller, with the body of the mature female, the hymen will gradually become a large and thin, and there is considerable toughness adult women  
     hymen about 1-2 mm thick, during which contain connective tissue, capillaries and nerve endings in the hymen central, with a diameter of 1 cm - 1.5 cm of small  
     hole, medically known as "hymen hole" period that is excreted through the holes. The shape of each hole is different, according to the shape of openings, virgin  
     pore can be divided into round, oval, circular, screen shape, umbrella , sub-leaf, star, in every separate shape, crescent-shaped, half-moon, 30 kinds of lip Generally common virgin  
     round and pore oval in the Arab world, crescent-shaped hole is considered the most precious hymen, the hymen is this based on rare, on average only 15 per 100,000 people  
     so in fact, any shape hymen hole, its physiological function and there is no difference, precious or more out of the question.  
2018-7-12 07:14:02
     hymen within a week after taking some antibiotics require regular, every day with clean warm water wash the perineum (which can take a shower) to keep the local clean and disinfect the wound with disinfectant week to prevent infection.  
     hymen repair surgery within two weeks to try to avoid squatting, sitting on the toilet-type or the best use of the squat position, up and down the bus, train, legs not too far apart.  
     hymen repair surgery should eat more fruits and avoid constipation. hymen repair surgery within one month will not be riding a bicycle to increase the tension of perineal activity.  
     if you are just finished repair surgery is strongly recommended not to learn to drive, it may break. there is more rest, not to tamper with.