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small waist and a little sore

2018-7-12 06:44:01
     history:    do severe cervical erosion cervical ablation than a month, or a little back pain  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    22  
        this disease and Duration:    do not know  
     low back pain so why  
2018-7-12 06:49:01
     Hello, this is not considered a good rest caused  
     patients need more attention to hygiene, month ban on sex in general can be improved, I wish good morning  
2018-7-12 06:56:01
     cervical erosion, how to treat.  
     feeling back pain, and length take too much, and if there is no other reason, then it could be muscle strain fatigue.  
     there is your physical condition, if the body is considered weak (impotence kidney ) can also cause backache pain  
     what caused diagnosed after, we go to the right remedy  
2018-7-12 07:00:01
     back pain for many reasons it is sometimes the pain is a symptom of a disease, such as muscle strain or sprain contusion on the basis of cold, spinal disease,  
     visceral due to involvement of organs, such as infection of the uterus and accessories linked to the ligament or nerve compression, etc., stones and other urinary tract infection.  
     your case if you can rule out other diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease may not completely eliminate. inflammation absorption should have a process.  
     questions people ask 2009-12-25 15:16:20  
     B-I have not checked, I do not know the uterus there is no problem, I am not going to check this is  
2018-7-12 07:07:01
     Yes, you can go to the hospital to be a gynecological examination and B-, I wish you a speedy recovery!  
     questions people ask 2009-12-25 15:31:12  
     I checked routine gynecological examination, but not read attachments, and other obvious abnormality, there is vaginitis and cervical erosion  
2018-7-12 07:14:02
     hello, back pain causes inflammation and gynecological infections there is a certain relationship, but can not rule out other reasons: lumbar problems, kidney problems.  
     If you can rule out other problems, there is no need to look at the case of pelvic inflammatory disease, we recommend that you do a timely review, to determine what causes back pain, do some specific processing.  
     life care:  
     wish you a speedy recovery!