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often leg pain, pain the stand.

2018-7-12 06:40:01
     history:    nausea, vomiting, toilet . do not want to move. sweating, cold. often eat painkillers.  
        patient sex:    woman  
        patient age:    19  
        The incidence and duration:    a few days before menstruation began to appear in this situation.  
     how can we cure!!  
2018-7-12 06:42:01
     Hello, this is menstrual syndrome is caused by  
     your case is in the period need to pay more attention to ensure warm, pay attention to hygiene as well, generally can be turned around, and do not worry  
2018-7-12 06:49:01
     period to a regular leg pain, pain stand, is dysmenorrhea  
     nausea, vomiting, the toilet. do not want to move. sweating, cold, brown sugar, hot water, etc. can take relief, anti-inflammatory drugs can also be used treatment  
2018-7-12 06:56:01
     vary the amount of menstrual women, generally 20 to 100 ml. usually 3 to 5 times per day for sanitary napkins or paper, even if it is normal. each menstrual period will last 3 - 7 days. menstruation affected by various factors, and within a week in advance or delay is normal, such as psychological stress, the environment and climate change, malnutrition , pressure, rest well and other effects .**