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it will affect the menstrual period to the

2018-7-12 06:36:01
     history:    menstrual water, eat health Fu Yan  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    29  
     waist particular acid, lower limb weakness, delayed menstruation for ten days, but sure is not pregnant  
2018-7-12 06:42:01
     major cause of pelvic inflammatory disease pathogens: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, anaerobes, sexually transmitted pathogens (such as the gonococcus, Chlamydia trachomatis, mycoplasma, herpes virus). cause acute pelvic inflammatory disease is a major cause of postpartum infection or miscarriage, intrauterine infection after surgical procedures, poor menstrual hygiene, inflammation of the direct spread of adjacent organs with acute pelvic inflammatory disease can make the body from the uterus and acute endometritis myositis, acute salpingitis, tubal empyema, tubal ovarian abscess, acute pelvic connective tissue inflammation, acute pelvic peritonitis, sepsis and sepsis and other chronic pelvic inflammatory disease often failed to complete the treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, or patients with poor physical fitness, caused by prolonged course it allows the body to chronic salpingitis and hydrosalpinx, tubal tubal ovarian cysts and ovarian inflammation, chronic pelvic inflammation of connective tissue.  
     1. generally lift the ideological concerns of patients treated, and enhance the confidence of the treatment, increase nutrition, exercise, attention to work and rest, increase body resistance.  
     2. Chinese medicine treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in the majority of damp-heat, clearing away heat treatment places. blood circulation, with herbs: Salvia 18g, red peony root 15g, woody 12g, peach kernel 9g, honeysuckle 30g, dandelion 30g, Poria 12g, paeonol 9g, habitat 9g. pain when weight plus fumarate 9g. Some patients Hanning Qi stagnation, rule, compared with warm and cold, qi and blood circulation. decoction used Guizhifuling. Qi are the party ginseng 15g, Atractylodes 9g, Astragalus 15g.  
     3. physiotherapy warm benign pelvic stimulation can promote blood circulation. to improve the nutritional status of the organization, increase metabolism, in order to facilitate absorption and inflammation subsided. commonly used shortwave, FM, iontophoresis (can be added to a variety of drugs such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc.), paraffin, etc..  
     4. Other medications with anti-inflammatory drugs, can also use α-chymotrypsin 5mg or hyaluronidase 1500U, intramuscular injection, every other day, 5 to 10 times for one course, in order to facilitate the absorption of adhesion and inflammation. individual patients with local or systemic allergic reactions should be discontinued in some cases, application of antibiotics and dexamethasone at the same time, oral dexamethasone 0.75mg, 3 times a day, stopping when the note tapering.  
     5. Surgical treatment of tumors such as ovarian cysts or tubal hydrosalpinx possible surgery; presence of small foci, repeatedly causing inflammation of the hair should be matched by surgery, surgery to completely cure for the principle, to avoid recurrence of the lesion and then left the opportunity, unilateral oophorectomy or hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy. young women should be kept on ovarian function, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease monotherapy less effective, integrated treatment is appropriate.  
2018-7-12 06:49:01
     waist particular acid, lower limb weakness, delayed menstruation for ten days, but sure is not pregnant  
     delayed menstruation need to consider two main reasons, first pregnancy, followed by irregular menstruation for women of childbearing age have sex, to postpone the time when menstruation is often suspect, are already pregnant or menstrual abnormalities, this issue everyday life is a very common phenomenon. how to exclude pregnancy, how to determine menstrual disorders, this is the first to distinguish between a problem, first determine if pregnancy, if the normal menstrual cycle has never been to postpone the signs of pregnancy and some response performance, should be delayed after the fifth day of menstruation (can also be calculated starting from the fifth day of menstruation), pregnancy test strips to use urine test, if positive should be compatible with gynecological pelvic examination; change if the cervix was purple and blue, full body of the uterus or increase, and may have breast tenderness, nausea and other associated symptoms, can be diagnosed as pregnant, of course, also through B-is not pregnant can quickly determine.  
2018-7-12 06:56:01
     there is pelvic inflammatory exudate, inflammation can occur in the endometrium, the endometrial tissue swelling of the cells is slightly sticky liquid oozing, was gradually formed by the surrounding tissue wrapped package of cystic block, if not treated, it can slowly grow. too much, drugs can not eliminate, the need for surgical cut. pelvic fluid can be completely cured, but must be based on the identification of pathogenic bacteria to be able to effectively treat .**  
2018-7-12 07:00:01
     hello, saw your case for you to do the following analysis:  
     early menstruation or is pushed back one week is normal, pelvic inflammatory disease can affect menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease easily repeated, severe pelvic inflammatory disease can lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease and many more Chinese medicine conditioning effect, though Western fast, but not complete, and long time applications easy to produce drug resistance.