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how to protect the uterus, ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease pelvic

2018-7-12 06:32:01
     history:    3 months ago corpus luteum rupture surgery, fungal vaginitis before surgery, but has to eat more than a month of medication and drug fungal vaginitis has been more than three months after surgery, but little stomach and surgery where there are some pain, Some genital itching  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    32  
        The onset and duration:    fungal vaginitis in July, the corpus luteum rupture surgery in August 30  
     how to better protect their uterus, ovaries, pelvic  
2018-7-12 06:35:01
     mature from the uterus begin to perform their onerous mission - to form and discharge period, parenthood, aging, take a back seat until, always facing the threat of injury, if they pay attention to protection, will seriously damage your health, even life-threatening. So, how to protect the uterus it? the following points, not negligent:  
     one, insist on contraception, family planning research found that women aged birth to 24 ~ 29 is the best age to protect maternal and child health and family planning prenatal and postnatal care of great benefit, but some women of childbearing age, not to use contraception, sterilization was not for that pregnant does not matter, anyway, abortion remedies and some young women in love during the act in haste, unwed , had to do "crowd." repeated so many abortions, it is likely to cause uterine infection, cervical or uterine adhesions, leading to secondary infertility. abortion generally can not look directly at the uterine cavity, often due to a small number of preoperative investigation clear uterine position, size, surgical instruments into the direction of curvature is inconsistent with the uterus, or too much force and other damage caused by the uterus, or even perforation. Therefore, we must clear several times for each additional pregnancy, the uterus increases the risk of a point, according to survey, more than 3 times of pregnancy, uterine disease and a significant increase in danger if repeated abortion, especially repeated short term, the most damaging of the uterus, do not think that abortion is a trivial matter.  
     Second, be sure that prevent sexual promiscuity. Some women can not correctly deal with sex life, and even some sexual indulgence, especially sexual relations with several men happen, or not pay attention to sexual health, the uterus is the first victims. unclean sexual intercourse, most likely caused by endometritis, cervical erosion. cervical erosion, the incidence of uterine cancer were higher than in non-erosive more than seven times. or a small amount of vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, irregular bleeding, often early signs of cervical cancer and therefore must be clear, female sexual indulgence, or babies, pregnancy, will damage their physical and mental health, often intrauterine infection, uterine cancer, cervical erosion, and the incidence of direct reasons. dirty sex, including male penis smegma stimulation of the cervix is ​​one of the factors leading to uterine damage. Pregnancy, labor in the initial three months and two months, the best sex life ban, otherwise it would cause miscarriage or premature birth, there is great damage to the uterus.  
     III perinatal care, prevention Palace off. pregnant mother and regular prenatal care is an important guarantee for peace. If we ignore prenatal care, it can not detect fetal abnormalities, often prone to dystocia or uterine rupture and other serious consequences, such as giving birth, multiple births, birth date when the production process is too long, excessive force or improper handling can cause damage to ligaments around the uterus serious cases, uterine rupture, etc. There are also pay attention to rest after childbirth, often squat or do heavy labor, the increased abdominal pressure, the uterus from its normal position will shift down along the vagina, medically known as uterine prolapse, referred to as " Palace off. "Patients with abdominal, vaginal and perineal sense of falling, there back pain, local swelling, ulcers, vaginal discharge, severe cases can be outside all day off to be satisfied with the palm rest can only back, very painful.  
     four, non-"three noes" to protect the uterus. the damage to the uterus and the birth of the Holy Land is closely related to improper and therefore, we must do the "three no's", that is one not to clandestine abortions, some people for various reasons, find quacks clandestine abortions or surgery, serious consequences of doing so is that many of uterine damage or secondary infection; two oxytocin is not to abuse drugs, in some remote rural areas When pregnant women have difficulty when the abuse occurred when oxytocin, which is very dangerous, can lead to uterine rupture; Third, do not use the old method delivery, a small number of midwives in rural areas still use the old method, including the home since then, and this maternal and the fetus is a serious threat.  
     five regular Gynecological, while early treatment. In addition to prenatal screening, generally every six months or one year, to the regular hospital Cervical, in particular, is to check the disease trillion genital area, do not shy avoided, should be answered truthfully ask doctors there called the uterus is "troubled" is the birthplace of many gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, Endometrial Cancer, Cervical Cancer , Palace off, erosion, endometriosis, etc. Once that must be systematic and thorough treatment, must not the effect.  
     life care:  
     I wish you health!!!  
2018-7-12 06:42:01
     Hello, first of all you should go to hospital for ultrasound of the review, to determine the ovarian no problem, and gynecological examination to see whether the abnormal vagina and cervix, if necessary What do the routine examination vaginal infection.  
     you should review the treatment of mold after the. The protection of the uterus and the ovaries no particular method, the most important is the attention to health, the same room before The two sides should wash for gynecological diseases has been won on the women to avoid eating hot and spicy.  
2018-7-12 06:49:01
     medicine for premature ovarian failure have a lot of experience, such as the use Bushenyijing, spleen and blood of the therapeutic methods are not without effect. normal life, eat more vegetables and fruits to maintain a large number of vitamin E, vitamin B2 absorption, such as seeds, black fungus, etc. are good tonic food, coupled with appropriate physical exercise, peace of mind.  
     1. taking vitamin c and vitamin e. Studies have shown that daily doses of 90 mg if 30 mg of vitamin c and vitamin e, the probability of suffering from ovarian cancer will be reduced by 50%, however, simply rely on to get from food is not enough, so the best doctor to take pills or preparations amount to supplement.  
     2. high calcium diet. The latest U.S. research shows that daily intake of calcium-rich food can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer, according to data, daily food intake of calcium will inadequate intake of calcium than those who reduced by 46% the incidence of ovarian cancer.  
     3. eat fried eggs. female will often eat fried eggs increase the risk of ovarian cancer dangerous, because the fried egg in the process, will lead to many biologically active formation of decomposition products, such as: cholesterol oxides, and these products are very cytotoxicity, in particular, will have affinity for women with ovarian tissue impact, and thus will become cancer, tumors induced by agents, may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. In addition, fried, fried potatoes and bacon is the incentive for ovarian cancer.  
     4. folate. increase the folate-rich foods, can reduce the incidence of women with ovarian cancer, Swiss researchers found, eat foods rich in folic acid of women, their chances of ovarian cancer rarely eat folic acid than food will be reduced by 74% of women. As for folic acid, it is a water-soluble vitamin b, rich in green vegetables, citrus fruits, and whole grain foods.  
     5. Eat more carrots. UK nutritionists found: 5 times per week on average eat carrots women, the risk of ovarian cancer more likely than the average woman 50%, while the United States, experts have come to similar conclusions.  
     life care:  
     no special diet benefit of the uterus, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet can in daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables, maintaining a large number of vitamin E, vitamin B2 and other nutrients absorbed avoid eating cold things. practice yoga have a certain effect on the maintenance of the uterus. If you are a healthy woman, there is no need to go to the uterus specifically to protect present, there is no special protection methods, if not healthy, then we would go to the hospital to check for problems, so, early treatment, if say you want to protect, it can note the following:  
     1, pay attention to hygiene to prevent reproductive tract infections, such as vaginitis and the like.  
     2, do not do it people, this can cause palace cavity infection or tubal infection, causing infertility or ectopic pregnancy.  
     3, high-quality raw egg is an essential condition for a healthy baby, like the relationship between the egg and the uterus the relationship between seed and land, as land and then fertilizer, seed is not good, does not work, then, do not drink, do not smoke, including your husband included, because he also accounted for half of the seed.  
     try not to do the maintenance of the uterus like beauty, in the clear use of medicines and their pros and cons not to gamble with their uterus, experts point out that maintenance of the uterus is mainly done from life on the early Prevention To believe that any more obvious effects of drugs or faster way will bring the corresponding side effects, for example, to achieve an instant whitening effect of skin care products, no doubt, it is also very high lead content.  
2018-7-12 06:56:01
     Hello, how to better protect their uterus, ovaries, pelvic This you can a full gynecological examination, to see if any other infection.  
     life care, usually pay attention to hygiene, to avoid the dirty sex. Avoid eating spicy foods . I wish you health. Y