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2009 年 12 月 8 numbers of normal menstruation to you today not to risk the virus

2018-6-14 02:00:01
     history:    sleep well, sometimes a little migraine, there is a slight cervicitis, vaginitis  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
     how should I do  
2018-6-14 02:07:01
     very much for this reason and only checks to determine the ah.  
     period if the sexual life has been pushed back 7 days to do a pregnancy test should first check if the check is not pregnant, it may be pregnant, but is still too early to check not check out, also need to review again after 7 days early pregnancy test ah of course, morning urine is usually Check the best.  
     Also note that tired, rest a bad or mental stress and anxiety are, environmental change and gynecological inflammation, endocrine disorders are likely to result. to find the specific reasons treatment, even if not a week later period of pregnancy may be a normal phenomenon and this does not matter ah.  
2018-6-14 02:14:01
     your previous time period would it? also with the amount of how ah? there are pregnant?  
     must first rule out pregnancy before menstruation are not allowed to, or less if it is best to check the individual hormones six clear the cause.