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on how long you can have sex ring ah

2018-6-14 01:56:01
     much time on the ring can have sex ah  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    26  
     please tell me thank you  
2018-6-14 02:00:01
     In general, the ring or ring will need to take two weeks before intercourse.  
     1, two weeks after the IUD put in the same room and bath ban, because a small amount of bleeding after surgery to prevent postoperative infection medicine has made such a requirement; 2, put the IUD was the best over the first period to check again, because some people put the ring after the initial increase in the amount of menstrual blood flow may wash away or contraceptive ring will result in position errors, in order to ensure the effectiveness of birth control, better go to hospital or planning department to do some B-. three month and then check, if no exception, after checking it once a year.  
2018-6-14 02:07:01
     general, women need to ring on the half months before they can be the same room, because it can protect women's health, and reduce the infection on the ring and other issues.  
     with IUDs After Note: The first technique After two days of rest, prohibition of sexual life and the bath for two weeks; Second, if a small amount of bleeding after a small abdominal pain or mild, without treatment, such as pain may be given more drama generally analgesics such as aspirin; third is 3 months after they pay attention to whether the IUD and menstrual shedding.  
2018-6-14 02:14:01
     ring on a small amount of bleeding, so the period of prohibition of sexual intercourse bleeding  
     generally clean and can be considered after sexual intercourse, but it should also be careful not to over-stimulation, step by step, usually after 7-10 days on the ring there is little question  
2018-6-14 02:21:01
     best time on the ring is completely clean menstruation after 3 to 7 days, 3 days ago not to have sex, vaginal administration of these circumstances, have to do a routine vaginal examination, B-ultrasound, these situations can not vaginitis ring on the same day.  
     ring attention on women vaginal bleeding, 2 weeks prohibit the same room, 2 weeks ban dry heavy labor, personal hygiene, prohibit bath. Sheung Wan to remember after the periodic review.  
2018-6-14 02:28:01
     general case, the female half of the ring before they can require the same room,  
     because it can protect women's health, and reduce the infection on the ring and other issues.