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Why does sexual intercourse, when will the bleeding

2018-6-14 01:52:01
     history:    why every time after sex, there will be blood and her husband does, and no discomfort, but often back pain, I ask the yellow What reasons doctors do?  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    30  
     want to know what's wrong, good to the hospital  
2018-6-14 01:56:01
     Hello you situation described is not necessarily pathological  
     some women the hymen is not very thick so do not bleed the first time every time sexual intercourse which is the normal flow will hope my answer to help you  
2018-6-14 02:00:01
     gynecological inflammation may be large, especially in cervical erosion or cervicitis or endometritis, vaginitis may be large. suggest that you do see a doctor as soon as possible stomach b ultrasound and gynecological check for gynecological inflammation. may have relations with this.  
     note that room before the couple cleaning genitalia, and the action must not be too rude ah. also patients with poor health habits, such as menstruation, postpartum sexual life within a month once, should try to avoid these ah.  
2018-6-14 02:07:01
     hello! room after vaginal bleeding is a common gynecological diseases, symptoms, generally have the following reasons: 1. cervical erosion (2) cervical polyp 3 endometriosis 4 cervical cancer. Other reasons for vaginal bleeding after room there is vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, submucosal uterine fibroids, etc. This happens proposal should go to the hospital early to be checked.  
2018-6-14 02:14:01
     contact bleeding can be a lot of reasons, can be cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease can be or it may be malignant disease.  
     proposed to be Gynecological Hospital to see if there is cervical erosion and pelvic inflammatory disease. there can be liquid-based cervical cytology investigation to exclude malignant disease.