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emergency contraception after eating irregular menstruation, dripping without a

2018-6-14 01:48:01
     period just after a few days I eat pieces of emergency contraception again after 5 days and 15 days period has not yet clean, how to do? my children are 14 months, is the natural delivery. to the hospital a check is no problem, the doctor opened the "Marvelon" blood Ning, enteric-coated tablets of aceclofenac, blood cefdinir tablet eating less, but eat a few drugs on the stomach pain, stopping one day bleeding, and how can I do?  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    29  
        The onset and duration :    period 4 January to the end of 10, 14 to eat the pill, 18 menstruation, and feel less halfway gone faster, but then the addition of up until now has not been Clean  
     does not Shangwei how to cure the premise?  
     additional reward to 10 minutes  
2018-6-14 01:49:01
     usually after taking emergency contraceptive menstrual disorders, early or delayed menstruation, which normally takes 2-3 menstrual cycles after the adjustment to return to normal .  
     first, and so on it, so if after two weeks, or so, it is best to go to the doctor, the other, then, is normal, do not be too careful, What specifically do not have to eat medicine.  
2018-6-14 01:56:01
     period not less than 20 days or more than 45 days duration of normal menstruation is 2 to 7 days, the majority of 3 to 5 days.  
     bleeding an average of about 50 ml, but as little as 20 ml to 100 ml more than just normal, I suggest still using Chinese medicine for damage to the stomach smaller.  
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     Will What to eat medicine?  
2018-6-14 02:00:01
     your bleeding is caused by birth control pills, but it also can not rule out pregnancy disease.  
     recommend that you check a urinary pregnancy excluded pregnant. check whether there is a stomach tenderness? If you can not eat before the above drugs, can eat a few days of medroxyprogesterone acetate.  
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     the above checks are done without exception, safety medroxyprogesterone acetate how eat?  
2018-6-14 02:07:01
     emergency contraception is to eat cause menstrual disorders.  
     best not often take this drug, side effects of this great emergency contraception, menstruation is not in advance, is the delay is recommended with caution, preferably not more than a year taking three times.  
2018-6-14 02:14:01
     emergency contraception is one of the side effects of irregular menstruation.  
     suggest that you try not to use emergency contraception after, you can take Chinese medicine to restore balance to menstruation.