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how to distinguish between cysts and ectopic pregnancy is the attachment!

2018-6-14 01:36:01
     history:    ten days I have been stopped by , suspected to be pregnant, but with a pregnancy test strip, the test is negative. B-to the hospital today to check the uterus is normal, but the right accessories see 2.8X2.6CM hypoechoic group, within which the liquid see irregular dark area, cavity see, the dark area around the diameter 1.0CM liquid I ask is a cyst or ectopic pregnancy?  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
     problem 1: Annex cysts affect the menstrual do?  
     Question 2: The attachment cysts and ectopic pregnancy, how are?  
     Question 3: cyst and ectopic pregnancy have any good treatments?  
     need to pay attention to what?? Thank you!  
2018-6-14 01:42:01
     1, if the functional accessories cysts, such as corpus luteum cysts, follicular cysts and other diseases, no significant effect on menstruation; if inflammation result, can lead to irregular menstruation.  
     2, distinguish between cysts or ectopic pregnancy, the need for serum HCG examination and if HCG within the normal range, indicating that the cyst.  
     3, what is not yet diagnosed the disease, to talk about treatment issues. I suggest you check, in consultation with the treatment after diagnosis.  
2018-6-14 01:49:01
     your situation is in favor of cysts in the Annex, but not completely rule out ectopic pregnancy, the best pumping HCG to exclude.  
     general attachments will not affect the menstrual cyst Annex cysts and ectopic pregnancy with history and examination to be different. The treatment is to analyze specific issues you can exclude ectopic pregnancy blood after the next review period after the B-net, to clarify its is a physiological or pathological.  
2018-6-14 01:56:01
     Hello, ectopic pregnancy, the majority of B-HCG is positive, you have to test urine, do not use test strips check.  
     In addition, ectopic pregnancy can also be used to diagnose diagnostic curettage The  
     posterior fornix can also puncture can out of dark red blood  
     If an ectopic pregnancy, you must conservative treatment in time, because once broken, it will be life-threatening bleeding.  
     conservative treatment in a timely manner does not require surgical treatment, the effect is also very good, please do look at B-HCG Kanba