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menstrual irregularities and a very small emergency! ! ! ! !

2018-6-14 01:24:01
     to a very small time period October 15 to the period to December 16 to come to this month is February 1st to come to a special trip to the first days on nothing less no wet blood only sanitary doctors ask me this is the reason  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    24  
     want to know what the reason for this is to What is the treatment  
2018-6-14 01:28:01
     hello too little blood usually blood tests to check follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estrogen, prolactin, progesterone, to determine ovarian or pituitary hormone problems, followed by the amount of basal body temperature charting, to see whether there is ovulation, progesterone, or whether there is enough case. also ultrasound, endometrial thickness and to detect whether ovulation.  
     If the cervix is ​​caused due to blockage caused by adhesions the uterus, can be separated into the uterus mirror contraceptives, hormone therapy and then 3 months and if the lack of progesterone, corpus luteum can be added ketone or ovarian treatment to relax and also help reduce the pressures of living normal menstruation.  
2018-6-14 01:35:01
     after a few more due to pituitary dysfunction, leading to lack of ovarian estrogen secretion, so that endometrial hyperplasia is not enough; uterine disease itself, endometrial dysplasia, endometrial tuberculosis, and gross damage to the endometrial curettage; causes of individual differences.  
     addition, and mental stress, drugs, disease and other factors. suggest you 3-7 in the period after the end day to the hospital for gynecological hormone 6, B ultrasonic inspection, identify the reason for symptomatic treatment.  
2018-6-14 01:42:01
     menstruation less common causes are:  
     1, after a few more by the pituitary gland dysfunction, ovarian secretion of estrogen deficiency, low levels of estrogen, the lack of endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial thin lead a; long-term use of contraceptives can cause,  
     2, and endometrial lesions such as: endometrial dysplasia, grossly damage the lining curettage, endometrial tuberculosis.  
     3, there is the individual differences, that is, after menarche, has been through a very small, but normal ovulation and reproductive functions, etc..  
     4, the reduction of menstrual amenorrhea is often threatened.  
2018-6-14 01:49:01
     hello! after a few months is common in ovarian secretion of estrogen deficiency , endometrial dysplasia, many people, violent injury endometrial curettage, use of contraceptives, body weakness, anemia and other reasons, to recommend you go to the hospital to be clean after menstruation B-or sex hormones checked, identify the reasons After treatment for.