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want children can not always pregnant with a ring on

2018-5-17 03:00:01
     history:    I got married six months, and But has not pregnant, I will not have any problem then, if you go to check it, I checked those programs? the best at what time to check it  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    28  
     to the hospital should check those items  
2018-5-17 03:07:01
     Hello, generally speaking, men and women The two sides living together for two years do not take any contraceptive measures can not be pregnant, as infertility, you have six months, do not worry too much.  
     pregnancy is a very complex physiological process, which requires the woman has normal ovum, sperm need to flush out a normal man, but also a smooth combination of sperm and ovum implantation and development and these will not be missing the one hand, pregnant six months you are not pregnant, you can also go to the hospital check , excluding the following diseases: First, check the woman's ovaries are normal, tubal patency, development of the uterus is normal, whether suffering from uterine diseases, immune aspects of diseases, such as anti-sperm antibodies sperm of the man to check to see if sperm morphology, number, the survival rate, liquefaction, etc. The proposed investigation wen with both men and women, after excluding the above diseases should be pregnant.