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two weeks for the medicine vaginal genital itching also how to do

2018-5-17 02:56:01
     history:    external itching , the first night with increasing nitrate furosemide Blantyre soft capsules and vaginal povidone-iodine solution, then for women with health insurance bolt, g itch lotion Shu, the effect is not obvious  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    27  
        The onset and duration:    fungal vaginitis  
     the next step how to do what the treatment or examination  
2018-5-17 03:00:01
     Hello, according to your above, you are fungal vaginitis.  
     Hello, according to your above, you can oral fluconazole tablets, pieces of water with sodium bicarbonate wash the vagina, put clotrimazole vaginal suppository, I wish you a speedy recovery.  
2018-5-17 03:07:01
     suggest you use 2% to 4% of the soda water to wash the vagina, 1 or 2 times a day, 2 weeks course of treatment. drying after washing the vulva, to keep the vulva dry, to inhibit the growth of Candida. Rinse can be used nystatin tablet or suppository into the vagina, each 10 million to 20 million units, night time, 10 to 14 days for treatment, genital cover with 3% clotrimazole ointment effects can be better.  
     effect if the above method of treatment of one week is still not good, need to stop week to the hospital for medicine vaginal pathogens inspection.  
2018-5-17 03:14:01
     Fungal vaginitis is the white mold infection with Candida vaginitis with mild infections may be asymptomatic. The most common symptoms of vulvar itching, vaginal discharge. typical of those for the white bean like leucorrhea, and the formation of a layer of albuginea attached to the inside and outside the labia minora and vaginal mucosa  
     fungal medication to local medication. can be 2% to 4% sodium bicarbonate solution, rinse the vulva and vagina, Nystatin tablets or suppositories then 100,000 to 20 million units into the vagina, night time, 10 to 14 days for treatment.  
     ancient song can also be used mycin tablets or suppositories 10 million units, into the vagina, night time, 10 to 14 days for treatment. Miconazole suppositories (miconazole nitrate suppository) for fungal vaginitis have a good effect.  
     life care:  
     repeated fungal infection or permanently, should conduct a comprehensive medical check, to rule out diabetes and other dirt is infected the same time pay attention to whether an unreasonable application of antibiotics and steroids.  
2018-5-17 03:21:01
     your case to go to hospital to be a vaginal colposcopy and conventional B-bacterial culture to determine the type and location of inflammation under  
     symptomatic treatment in order to achieve a good therapeutic effect  
     I wish you health!  
2018-5-17 03:28:01
     from your statement, that you are suffering from "fungal vaginitis' cause genital pruritus.  
     if the condition clear, it should take an active treatment of the primary disease, use of oral plus vaginal medication, is one of the measures of science, nystatin side effects, mainly gastro-intestinal reactions can take 10-20 minutes after meals to reduce discomfort, vaginal with this drug two + chlorpheniramine one, morning and evening, the effect is possible.  
     life care:  
     According to the analysis of modern medicine, gynecology, fungal infection, mostly because of personal hygiene and sanitary pads for the future more attention to this problem, while special attention is cleaning the vulva, must contraindication bidet-style.  
2018-5-17 03:35:01
     hello! rubbish like vaginal discharge, genital itching are the main symptoms of fungal vaginitis!  
     treatment of fungal vaginitis:  
     1. pay attention to personal hygiene, keeping the vulva clean and dry; change and wash underwear, do not share towels with others, bathtub, do not wear nylon or similar fabric for underwear , used during the illness towels, underwear, etc. should be sterilized by boiling.  
     2. prohibition of sexual intercourse during treatment, or the use of condoms to prevent cross-infection. should avoid during menstruation vaginal medication and Bath.  
     3 diet should be light, avoid spicy, hot and humid to avoid raw or Hao Shang Yin and stuffed Note nutrition, increase physical fitness, to evil out.  
     4, emotional stability, fear of raising nature, and according to the patient's personality and predisposing factors for psychological treatment, exercise, health, enhancing immune function to remove the predisposing factors, timely treatment of genital inflammation.  
     I wish you health!  
2018-5-17 03:42:01
     depending on your circumstances described vaginitis is a common gynecological infections vaginitis clear if the pathogen, appropriate treatment is not difficult to cure  
     keep the vulva clean dry, to avoid scratching. prohibition of sex during treatment. should not eat spicy spicy food.  
     on the use of imidazole vaginal suppositories drug, good for fungal vaginitis efficacy of specific individuals are applicable, should follow doctor's orders.  
     use clotrimazole cream or miconazole ointment, can treat fungal infections of the genital inflammation, reduce the vulva itching symptoms. specific individuals are applicable, should follow doctor's orders.  
     want to help you wish a speedy recovery!  
2018-5-17 03:49:01
     fungal vaginitis must adhere to the treatment a lot of trouble, usually underwear hot wash, the couple wen, to avoid the overuse of antibiotics and frequent vaginal douching, drug treatment is more professional, "Bo Jian Fu Jun Sha gel", is a gynecological external use, there is treasure Amoy ** to sell, current gynecological circles and very efficient.