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multiple uterine fibroids should choose what kind of treatment?

2018-5-17 02:52:01
  choose more suitable for my treatment  
2018-5-17 02:56:01
     uterine muscle under the circumstances described in your tumor treatment depends on the patient age, with or without symptoms, fibroid location, size, growth rate, number, resulting in deformation of the uterus, whether to retain reproductive function and the patient's wishes factors.  
     your treatment or to consider removal of the uterus is now the convenience of this method with your rehabilitation is the best advice may also be more convenient to several hospitals in the best treatment I wish a speedy recovery!  
2018-5-17 03:00:01
     incidence of uterine fibroids with hormone imbalance,  
     tumor in 5CM the following medications can be taken to control the growth of fibroids, more than 5CM doctors will recommend surgery, general individual fibroids fibroids can be removed by surgery, if it is multiple, but not in patients entering menopause, doctors will recommend removal of the uterus to prevent further growth of fibroids.  
     questions people ask 2010-2-22 21:19:38  
     Thank you very much doctor that if I remove the uterus, ovaries affected you?