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2018-5-17 02:44:01
     history:    genital itching always there before Gong Jin erosion, but do treat  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    21  
        The onset and duration:    have 4-5 days  
     why, with reference Bo Shu Yin tuck can wash you, you can use the same room do?  
2018-5-17 02:49:01
     Hello, based on your description, your genital itching is due to vaginitis caused.  
     you can use the parameters Bo Shu Yin lotion, but with this light lotion is not very good, I suggest you use nystatin vaginal suppositories, night time, each one, once every two treatment, while using the Washing lotion, you can, and two courses after the review.  
2018-5-17 02:56:01
     have increased vaginal discharge, what are used drugs?  
     If vaginal discharge, we recommend that you do a discharge test, may be due to increased vaginal discharge vaginal irritation caused by inflammation, then symptomatic treatment  
2018-5-17 03:00:01
     Hello: Do ​​you consider the case of vaginitis, you can make a vaginal examination to determine the type of vaginitis, symptomatic medication  
     lotion can be used, but what anti-inflammatory drugs have to decide according to the type of vaginitis, vaginitis, and the prohibition of sex during treatment bath, personal hygiene  
     Life Care:  
     wish good morning  
2018-5-17 03:07:01
     may gynecological inflammation, such as vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, will stimulate the secretion of some of the secretions, cause genital itching is recommended that you pay attention to cleaning, frequently changes the underwear, usually with water on it, probably other skin diseases such as neurodermatitis or eczema.  
     the possibility of vulvar itching a lot, it is recommended to the hospital, not to self-medication, to avoid aggravate the disease, delay in treatment.  
     I wish you health!  
2018-5-17 03:14:01
     prohibition of sex during treatment of vaginitis.  
     attention to menstrual hygiene, keeping the vulva clean and dry, avoid scratching, Do not use hot water laundry, avoid with soap. available at the time of infection potassium permanganate solution bath, but non-local scrub. clothing, especially underwear to proper ventilation wide. avoid alcohol and spicy foods, or allergies. the cause of treatment to eliminate itching caused by local or systemic factors, such as trichomonas, fungal infection or diabetes. symptomatic treatment (1) available for external use 1% of acute inflammation of the mine when the lock Singa 1 foil, rivanol solution, or 30%; wet boric acid solution, washed, rubbed 40% of the local oxidation zinc ointment; chronic itching can be used corticosteroid ointment or 2% diphenhydramine ointment rubbed (2) severe symptoms with medication can 25mg oral diphenhydramine or chlorpheniramine 4mSt 25ml isopropyl howl off in integrated sedation and Toshiyuki.  
2018-5-17 03:21:01
     vaginal discharge, blood stimulation can cause genital itching  
     Hello, Have you ever had cervical erosion, and increased vaginal discharge, but also can cause genital itching to keep the local clean and dry is the most important, with reference Boshu tuck can wash the shade, is prohibited intercourse during treatment of  
     life care:  
     eat spicy spicy food, I wish you health