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uterine fibroids can ring on it?

2018-5-17 02:32:01
     history:    irregular menstruation, genital itching without  
     have uterine fibroids and has to range can be removed, you can ring on contraception? impact?  
2018-5-17 02:35:01
     is the most common form of female genital benign. more asymptomatic, a few showed vaginal bleeding  
     Hello, choice of drug treatment, are advised to first do diagnostic curettage endometrial biopsy to exclude malignant transformation, especially for menstrual disorders or increased by the amount who. curettage both diagnosis and hemostatic effects.  
     questions people ask 2010-2-22 21:12:45  
     I have done before curettage made B-cleanse, but found to have uterine fibroids are found, the previous doctor suggested birth to a child cut off, but now do not want a child! She suggested that the ring ~ want to know so you can it? will not have any effect? ​​
2018-5-17 02:42:01
     uterine fibroids as well as sub-mucosal and subserosal myometrium of  
     muscularis and subserosa of the ring will not affect on birth control, if only one fibroid less than five cm, then, under the muscle or serosa can be regularly reviewed, for three months or six months a review, if there is bleeding, menstrual extension, then, the proposed surgery, also have an impact on the birth control ring.  
2018-5-17 02:49:01
     whether you need to be diagnosed with fibroids on the ring position, if it is intramural or subserosal fibroids you can ring on, so if submucosal fibroids generally can not, if fibroids has been great, it is recommended that treatment is best carried out after the Central, Sheung Wan fibroids can also play a controlling role in growth and recurrence, detailed information I suggest you first diagnosed with fibroids is best position and symptomatic treatment, I wish you a speedy recovery!  
     questions people ask 2010-2-22 21:18:15  
     position in the posterior wall of the uterus left, there are 45 * 42mm size ~!  
     can ring you on?  
2018-5-17 02:56:01
     surgical treatment of uterine fibroids as soon as possible, not more than ring.  
     treatment of uterine fibroids should be taken to surgical removal, in order to overcome the previous treatment of cervical disease long course of treatment, trauma, and difficult to cure the defect, the introduction of large hospitals now widely used in the western developed countries LEEP surgery non-invasive treatment system, without damaging nearby tissue, tissue edge carbon-free, no adhesions, after living and working as usual, can effectively protect the integrity of female genital mutilation, female friends to regain a healthy, smooth as ever of the uterus, does not affect female reproductive function.