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menstruation easy to be pregnant? Thank you

2018-5-17 02:28:01
     history:    no symptoms of untreated  
        The onset and duration:    from the beginning  
     I was about 17 years to the period from the beginning is not normal every time period is 40-45 days, my last Lunar New Year in early December to early January of the 10 8 and her husband intercourse irregular menstruation can pregnant ah thank you good Medical ah  
2018-5-17 02:35:01
     Hello: Do ​​not worry, be nursed back to health is good. The sex may not be pregnant.  
     I advise you to early treatment, find a better look at medicine, drink some medicine to restore nursed back to health will be good, do not worry, I have seen more of this disease, but also treat more about taking medicine more than a month right.  
2018-5-17 02:42:01
     friend, menstruation is a normal prerequisite for pregnancy and childbirth, you are worried about is that it can not be pregnant , but in fact will be irregular menstruation pregnant abortion.  
     it normal for a woman's menstruation is very important to find the root cause of irregular menstruation can be cured, especially Herbal Treatment have very good results. intercourse with a chance of pregnancy, but can not point you can cover the whole pregnancy tests now test it. is not positive to know.  
2018-5-17 02:49:01
     hello, if menstruation is less likely to become pregnant, should be actively treated,  
     normal menstruation and endocrine disorders, gynecological inflammation and so on, you to recommend to the hospital six hormones, B ultrasonic diagnosis and active treatment after a clear cause.  
2018-5-17 02:56:01
     Hello, According to your description , there is the possibility of pregnancy, your rhythm is 11 to the first month before menstruation.  
     medication can be taken spearheading, Wujibaifeng, these two drugs taken together to keep the ease of mind, not to have too much pressure.  
2018-5-17 03:00:01
     your situation is not much likelihood of pregnancy, but can not completely rule can not be pregnant .  
     menstrual bring patients to the main problems are the following treatment the patient should address these issues from the staff: (1) bleeding and anemia: a long period and because quantity caused by bleeding in addition to general measures can be selected as appropriate hormones or curettage bleeding (2) cycle disorders: estrogen and progesterone can be used single or combined treatment also used traditional Chinese medicine treatment cycle (3) Infertility: the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis in one or more aspects of dysfunction is caused by anovulatory menstrual pathophysiological basis of infertility is one of the reasons is that many patients with an urgent need to solve the problems some patients although ovulation but luteal insufficiency can also cause infertility according to the patients to choose a different ovulation induction drugs to improve ovarian function or replace parts of the hypothalamus and pituitary function. excessive menstruation is not normal because too little is not good if endocrine endometrial hyperplasia with uterine fibroids menstrual If a large amount of oral contraceptives because after eating too little will result in menstrual flow, please refer to whether the doctors want to change a contraceptive measure.