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why I have not come this month menstrual period?

2018-5-17 02:24:01
     history:    I 09 December 28 number to a menstrual period, to January, did not come until February not to physiological  
        The onset and duration:    2 days prior to the month I have eaten something spicy for 5 consecutive days will affect the physiology of late to do  
     I think the experts analysis, this is how it  
2018-5-17 02:28:01
     hello to recommend this for your first pregnancy test to be checked  
     If this is not usually the performance for irregular menstruation, gynecological The common performance of the menstrual cycle or abnormal bleeding  
2018-5-17 02:35:01
     delayed first menstruation has not ruled out pregnancy.  
     reasons for the delay a vacation , delayed menstruation caused by psychological factors: if the sudden appearance of psychological stress, anger, sadness, angry, lovelorn and abnormal emotions, often lead to delayed menstruation. Under such circumstances, often breast pain, upset, depressed uncomfortable. This situation usually does not require treatment, but sometimes the period has been delayed, you can take medicine for conditioning .2 syndrome, certain medications cause menstrual delay: Some drugs have side effects, often lead to delayed menstruation, for example, long-term use of contraceptives taking emergency contraception, gastric motility drug domperidone, the drug treatment of hyperthyroidism, medicine TWP, etc. which is characterized by taking these drugs are often normal menstrual cycle before, after taking it to postpone, if taking a very short time , often stop after taking it back to normal, if taken too long, often require drug treatment. 3, leading to chronic diseases, delayed menstruation: a number of chronic wasting disease, often due to delayed menstruation caused by nutritional deficiency, a common chronic hepatitis, tuberculosis , cancer, thyroid dysfunction, severe iron deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, menstruation is often delayed. these diseases often have obvious symptoms, generally able to find an exception, not easily misdiagnosed. in the event of the disease, as soon as possible treatment of primary disease, cure disease after primary natural recovery .4 menstruation, excessive weight loss leading to delayed menstruation: In real life, there are a lot of women to control weight, taking some medications or excessive dieting to lose weight, delayed menstruation, which case, if time is short you can return to normal natural menstrual cycle, but for the time more elderly, often before the need for drug treatment to restore normal menstrual cycle.  
2018-5-17 02:42:01
     Hello, I am glad to give you answers  
     with irregular menstruation living environment, emotions, cold and excitement, endocrine disorders, and medication, have a relationship, do not be too nervous, menstruation delayed ten days and ten days in advance are all normal, sustained if the period is the best so I suggest you go to hospital about.