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me this is not called ovulation bleeding?

2018-4-16 23:56:01
     history:    no  
        patient sex:    female  
        patient age:    22  
        The onset and duration:    4 天  
     I was about 20 to the period, not very punctual month. 7 this month, but lower body with a small amount of blood, and now still. And not very red. Than the period of black spots. Did not flow. And her husband do all intercourse with the sets. Since he did not take birth control pills. I was 22 years old. Do not know if this is ovulation bleeding? I am so serious? I hope experts to answer. I am very anxious. Thank you!  
2018-4-17 00:00:01
     like your situation does not rule out this possibility, does not rule out gynecological diseases caused by vaginal bleeding, it is recommended to the hospital for detailed check