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serious disorders of menstruation? ? ? ? ? ?

2018-4-16 23:52:01
     history:    6.7 years is excessive menstrual flow, to the too frequent, this is an exception  
        patient sex:    male  
        patient age:    23  
        The onset and duration:    2 months  
     Dr Chan, Hello! I come before you in April particularly, volume, long duration, then the advice of a doctor from 5-8 months of artificial menstruation taking estrogen phenol, playing progesterone. Has been normal, every time 3,4 or so ago, but stopped the medication in September injections, menstruation does not come. September 28 to the hospital for a B-nothing unusual, nor pregnant. October 2, seems to feel, but not see red, a little thick secretions. Do not know how the matter in the end? The end of April I have determined to do a sex hormone, testosterone reached 101 points, the doctor said is not normal, there is no review, would you please help me analyze, and then I was not the medication injection it! Thank you very much!  
2018-4-16 23:56:01
     you can consider traditional Chinese medicine, we recommend you to the hospital for more checks