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2018-4-16 23:48:01
     history:    menstruation from menarche has been two months, to the field school in 2000 had a history of amenorrhea after serving good traditional Chinese medicine  
        patient sex:    female  
        Patients Age:    25  
        The incidence and duration:    half  
     done in January because of amenorrhea six hormone testosterone values ​​only slightly higher than 1, the other was in the normal range. Two months after taking Diane 35 after the doctor to observe the withdrawal date from April 12 next menstruation. Today do check E2> 80, P = 7, TO = 6, PRL = 14, FSH = 6, LH = 18. Ultrasound described as posterior uterus, Palace: 40 * 36 * 32mm, muscle echo uniform, within the membrane clear, thick 6mm. Not explore the uterus and rectum pouch was fluid areas.  
     left ovary: 37 * 30mm, which see dozens arranged along the periphery of the sinus echo bubble, the larger of about 6 * 6mm, medulla echogenic;  
     right ovary: 35 * 21mm, which see more than one sinus echo bubble, the greater of about 10 * 6mm  
     CDFI: not see abnormal blood flow signals  
2018-4-16 23:49:01
     menstruation diet  
     1, jujube 20 , Motherwort 10 grams brown sugar 10 grams, add water, stew Decoction, 1 day sooner or later. Suitable for extension after the menstrual period due to exposure to cold, after a few months embolism  
     2, 2 eggs, Motherwort 30 grams, the egg wash, add water, a total of stew with Motherwort , eggs, cooked, peeled and cook for 20 minutes, eggs Yin Tang. Suitable for blood stasis due to after a few months, after extension of the menstrual disorder  
     3, Red Sorghum flowers, the amount of brown sugar, decoction, 2 Beverage Service. Suitable for the early period, the quantity and red are  
     4, angelica, ginger 10 grams, mutton 100 grams, add water, cook, cooked with salt, drink soup meat. Suitable period after the extension, less abdominal Lengtong embolism.  
     5, vinegar, 200 grams, 250 grams of tofu with cooked before eating, after eating 1. Suitable for the period is too short, dark red color, quantity of sturdy women. 6, raw meat, Hawthorn 50 grams brown sugar 40 grams. Fry hawthorn to the residue, into the brown sugar, hot drink. For delayed menstruation  
     7, longan 50 grams of meat, 1 egg, fry longan, into the egg after 30 minutes, a total of stew cooked, sooner or later 1 , even for 10 days. For deficiency of menstruation  
     8, male comb 2, a little salt, comb cooked, eaten dipped in salt, 1 day, 3-5 times per month. Deficiency suitable for irregular menstruation.  
     9, carp, 500 grams, 260 grams of rice wine, rice wine, cook and eat take fish, fish bone drying into powder in the morning with rice wine blunt. Net for those who do not by much.  
     10, aged sorghum root of 2, washed, boiled water to drink. Suitable for long period without a net by